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IEEE TenSymp 2022 (USD) (EVT9069)

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IEEE TenSymp 2022 (INR) (EVT9068)


The TENSYMP2022 Symposium was originally planned to be a fully ‘in-person’ (physical) event. The in-person (physical) events help participants, especially the students and young researchers to gain the full benefit of fruitful interactions and guidance from the domain experts as well as to foster future working collaborations with them.

All the norms and precautions stipulated by IEEE and local health authorities will be strictly adhered to at the Symposium regarding the COVID pandemic.

However, during the past weeks, the Symposium organizers have been receiving several requests to convert the Symposium into a ‘hybrid’ one.

After duly considering these requests and to retain the intended outcomes of the Symposium as much as possible, it was decided to offer virtual option to the Symposium attendees.

A discounted registration fee is now extended to the participants who wish to attend the Symposium in person (physically) to encourage more attendees to be present physically at the Symposium thereby helping us in achieving the desired outcome which includes networking among students, academicians, and Industry professionals.  

Just to reclarify, the DISCOUNT is being offered to the PHYSICAL attendees.  Authors and attendees are requested to carefully choose the registration option and the same will not be allowed to change later. No Refund will be permitted under any circumstances and a no-show in the chosen mode will lead to non-inclusion of their papers in final proceedings.

If more than One Paper has been selected of a Single author, then the Author should Register once under Author Category for First Paper and same Author should registered under Attendee Category for Second Paper.

The Symposium will be declared fully ‘online’ (Virtual) if the local Government or IEEE imposes restrictions later due to the worsening of the COVID situation or in case there are not enough in-person (Physical) registrations. No further discounts or refunds will be granted in case of Symposium goes fully virtual.

Fees Registration Charges

Author Registration (Early Bird)
2nd - 11th May 2022

Indian Rupees

IEEE Student Member – Physical6400.00
Non-IEEE Student Member – Physical8000.00
IEEE Member – Physical8000.00
Non-IEEE Member – Physical9600.00
IEEE Student Member – Virtual8000.00
Non-IEEE Student Member – Virtual10000.00
IEEE Member – Virtual10000.00
Non-IEEE Member – Virtual12000.00

United States Dollars

IEEE Student Member – Physical128.00
Non-IEEE Student Member – Physical160.00
IEEE Member – Physical160.00
Non-IEEE Member – Physical192.00
IEEE Student Member – Virtual160.00
Non-IEEE Student Member – Virtual200.00
IEEE Member – Virtual200.00
Non-IEEE Member – Virtual240.00

Second Author / Attendees Registration (Early Bird)
2nd - 11th May 2022

Indian Rupees

IEEE Student Member – Physical    3,200.00
Non-IEEE Student Member – Physical    4,000.00
IEEE Member – Physical    4,000.00
Non-IEEE Member – Physical    4,800.00
IEEE Student Member – Virtual   4,000.00
Non-IEEE Student Member – Virtual   5,000.00
IEEE Member – Virtual   5,000.00
Non-IEEE Member – Virtual   6,000.00

United States Dollars

IEEE Student Member – Physical         64.00
Non-IEEE Student Member – Physical         80.00
IEEE Member – Physical         80.00
Non-IEEE Member – Physical         96.00
IEEE Student Member – Virtual        80.00
Non-IEEE Student Member – Virtual      100.00
IEEE Member – Virtual      100.00
Non-IEEE Member – Virtual      120.00

Author Registration (Regular)
12th - 21st May 2022

Indian Rupees

IEEE Student Member – Physical    8,000.00
Non-IEEE Student Member – Physical    9,600.00
IEEE Member – Physical    9,600.00
Non-IEEE Member – Physical  11,200.00
IEEE Student Member – Virtual 10,000.00
Non-IEEE Student Member – Virtual 12,000.00
IEEE Member – Virtual 12,000.00
Non-IEEE Member – Virtual 14,000.00

United States Dollars

IEEE Student Member – Physical       160.00
Non-IEEE Student Member – Physical       192.00
IEEE Member – Physical       192.00
Non-IEEE Member – Physical       224.00
IEEE Student Member – Virtual      200.00
Non-IEEE Student Member – Virtual      240.00
IEEE Member – Virtual      240.00
Non-IEEE Member – Virtual      280.00

Second Author / Attendees Registration (Regular)
from 12th May 2022 to 31st May 2022

Indian Rupees

IEEE Student Member – Physical    4,000.00
Non-IEEE Student Member – Physical    4,800.00
IEEE Member – Physical    4,800.00
Non-IEEE Member – Physical    5,600.00
IEEE Student Member – Virtual   5,000.00
Non-IEEE Student Member – Virtual   6,000.00
IEEE Member – Virtual   6,000.00
Non-IEEE Member – Virtual   7,000.00

United States Dollars

IEEE Student Member – Physical         80.00
Non-IEEE Student Member – Physical         96.00
IEEE Member – Physical         96.00
Non-IEEE Member – Physical       112.00
IEEE Student Member – Virtual      100.00
Non-IEEE Student Member – Virtual      120.00
IEEE Member – Virtual      120.00
Non-IEEE Member – Virtual      140.00