IETE Student Forum (ISF) activities during 2012-13

5.2.1 An OSCILLATIONS'13 was celebrated in 13 ISF colleges in the Mumbai over a period of two months February and March.

5.2.2 D. J. Sanghvi College of Engineering
ISF-DJSCoE organised following events during the year.
" The Android App Making Workshop in December, 2012.
" Industrial Visit to GMRT - Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope located at Khodad, near Pune.
" An Ardunio Workshop 11-14th March, 2013 to train the students to design own applications.
" Seminar on Microwave held on the 26th March, 2013.
" DJ Spark - a State Level Technical Project Presentation competition on the 12th April, 2013 for students from all engineering colleges.

5.2.3 Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Kurla

ISF-DBIT conducted following events other than OSCILLATIONS'13 during the year
1 Workshop on "Photoshop Software" 29/7/12 Mr. Gnana Selvan Jecia(T.E EXTC)
2 Workshop on "Eagle Software" 29/08 /12 Prof.Mr. Yogesh Gholap,(DBIT Kurla)
3 Industrial visit to "Reliance power Plant Dahanu." 17/08/2012 -
4 Workshop on " Proteus Software" 5/09/12 Mr. Allan Janson, (T.E EXTC), Mr. Gnana Selvan Jecia(T.E EXTC), and Mr. Akshay Arora. (T.E EXTC)
5 Workshop on "Python programming" 7/09/12 Mr. Royston D'Silva(T.E Comp), and Ms. Amruthavarshani C. Iyer. (T.E Comp)
6 Certification Course on CCNA 2-6/01/2013 Mr. Irfan Khan (Reliance Globlecom)
7 Workshop on Indesign Software 16/01/2013 Mr. Steven P. (Graphic Designer, DBCL, Kurla)
8 Workshop on " Advanced Python programming" 17/02/2013 Mr. Royston D'Silva(T.E Comp)
9 Technical Talk on Nanotechnology 22/03/2013 Mr.Sanjay Kemkar (AdGM,MTNL)
10 Seminar on Guidance for Placement 7/02/2013 Mr.Furkhan K.(B.E.EXTC),Mr.Chinmay Tembe (B.E.EXTC)
11 Workshop on C,C++,Java 9,10,16,19/02/2013 Mr. Shivam Chaitanya, Wegilant Net Solutions

5.2.4 K.J. Somaiya Institute of Engineering & Information Technology, Sion
ISF-KJSIEIT conducted Renaissance, the technical festival on 14th, 15th September, 2012 in association with IEEE and CSI. During the year they successfully organised 6 technical events namely TwinSpark, Courtroom, Tech-Toe, Blind Programming, Farhanitrate and Griddler. In addition they had Fun Events Housie and Fastest Finger First. Winners of the event were given prizes. ISF also initiated to organise a hands-on Wikipedia editing workshop by Wikimedia India Chapter in which 52 students took part.

5.2.5 Thadomal Shahani Engineering College, Bandra
IETE student forum at Thadomal Shahani Engineering College grew from strength to strength and had another vibrant academic year. ISF-TSEC conducted following events during the year
1. Windows Phone 7 Workshop 25/08/2012 50
2. Joomla 07,08,09/09/2012 140
3. PC Assembling 07,08/09/2012 121
4. TSEC Tech GrandMaster 08/09/2012 17 teams
5. Android Developer 08,09/09/2012 123
6. Project Exhibition 12.0 08/09/2012 6 teams
7. Windows Phone 7.5 App Development 08,09/09/2012 106
8. Brainstorming 08/09/2012 65
9. TPP Trainer 09/09/2012 52
10. Kaun Banega Codepati 09/09/2012 19
11. Wireless Hacking 09/09/2012 111
12. Networking and Wire Crimping 09/09/2012 70
13. Whackopedia 09/09/2012 43
14. RoboRace 08,09/09/2012 108
15. µC Simplified : µC 8086 for Beginners 09/02/ 2013 110
16. TSEC GRANDMASTER : Technical Fun Quiz 09/02/ 2013 110
17. Project Exhibition 06/03/2013 28 teams
18. TPP 07/03/2013 10 teams
19. Spoken Tutorials IIT B 07/03/2013 25

5.2.6 VIVA Institute of Technology, Virar
ISF-VIT organized a one day seminar on Optical Satellite Communication & Microwave Linking under the banner of IETE on 8th February, 2013. Honorable chief guest Dr. Vikas Gupta motivated the members for organizing one day seminar on different fields, and has given brief information about IETE, Mumbai to all students. Dr. Arun Kumar, Principal of VIVA Institute of Technology spoke about the IETE activities carried out by the college. Mrs. Archana Ingle, Head of EXTC Department and Ms. Meena Vallakati, In-charge of IETE Student Forum greeted the dignitaries and students with a warm welcome. Unmesh Choudhari, Chairman of IETE student forum congratulated the staff and students for their joint efforts in putting up an eventful seminar.

5.2.7 VCET, Vasai
ISF-VCET celebrated 'Engineers Day' to commemorate the 151th birth anniversary of Sir 'M.Visvesvaraya' on September 13 and 14 by organizing 'BHRAMAN-Imagination beyond Existence'. A lot of visitors applauded the efforts taken by the members in a great way. On October 4-6, 2012 also celebrated the annual technical festival of the college - ORION'12 in which it co-organized various events like Accelerace, Table Bot, Virtual Maze as well as Quiz-o-Walk, Fun-Ville, Mock Interview, etc. ISF-VCET also arranged a Seminar on 'HAM RADIO' one of the best seminars organized by IETE. More than 200 students attended the seminar which remembered as a highpoint in the history of ISF-VCET. In OSCILLATIONS '13 on March 8 an event-'Battle of Brains' and a seminar on 'Android Development' was organized.

I E T E   S t u d e n t   F o r u m ( I S F )

The forums working at Mumbai Centre
Veermata Jijabai Technical Institute,
Inaugurated on October 31, 2012
Don Bosco Institute of Technology,
Inaugurated on Oct. 05, 2010
L & T Institute of Technology,
Inaugurated on Dec. 29, 2009
K J Somaiya Institute of Engg. & IT,
Inaugurated on Oct. 29, 2009
Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology,
Inaugurated on Sept. 30, 2009

PVPP College of engineering,

Inaugurated on Sept. 1, 2009
St Xavier's Institute of Technology,
Reinaugurated on Feb.7, 2008
Rizvi College of Engineering,
Khar Road - West
Inaugurated on March 3, 2007
Vidyalankar Institute of Technology,
Wadala (E)
Inaugurated on September 14, 2005
D J Sanghvi College of Engineering,
Vile Parle (E)
inaugurated on Aug 26, 2005
K C College of Engineering,
Thane (E)
Inaugurated on October 15, 2004
Vidyavardhini's College of Engineering & Technology,
Vasai Road (W)
Inaugurated on September 28, 2004
Parshvanath College of Engineeting,
Thane (E)

Inaugurated on August 30, 2004

14 St. Francis Institute of Technology,
Borivli (W)
Inaugurated on October 10, 2003

Konkan Gyan Peeth College of Engineering,

Inaugurated on September 4, 2002

K J Somaiya College of Engineering,
Vidyavihar (E)

Inaugurated on Feb 16, 2002

Thadomal Shahani College of Engineering,
Bandra (W)

Inaugurated on October 19, 2001
18 S S Jondhale College of Engineering,
Dombivli (E)
Inaugurated on March 6, 2001
19 Watumull Institute of Technology,
Inaugurated on September25, 2000
20 St. Xavier's Institute of Technology,
Mahim (W)
Inaugurated on September 8, 2000
21 Vivekanand College of Engineering,
Inaugurated on 1999